Corporate Service

Businesses must appoint a Resident Agent (or Registered Agent) when formed or qualified in Maryland.  Meeting this requirement is essential for maintaining the company's good standing, as well as for receiving efficient, reliable notification when legal documents are served.  


Maryland Resident Agent

We have a positive twenty-year track record of providing dependable resident agent service

and rapid delivery of service of process. 

The method used to deliver notification and documents is tailored to suit each client's needs and preference.  

Filing Service

Corporate filing service with Maryland  State Department of Assessments and Taxation is available on an expedited or regular basis.   

If desired, we can provide a formal service agreement designed for your business.


Document retrieval and research reports are available for liens, judgments, pending litigation at the Maryland state and federal levels

What our customers are saying

You're a genius! Excellent news!

T. H., upon receiving verification that their company's good standing status was restored.

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